AuthorRise Media (ARM) is a one-stop multi-media, Marketing, PR, and Branding agency for business leaders, c-suite executives and entrepreneurs who want to take their reputation to the next level and get noticed. Our team helps you strengthen your reputation, amplify your message and extend your global reach. We focus on helping our clients increase their revenue through brand positioning and media credibility. You come up with the ideas, we help others appreciate them.


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Write Your Own Success Story


You’ve put in the hard work building your business, and you are an authority in your domain, so let us help you build your legacy. Our team can help you write your own book and make it available to the masses. We can also help you build your personal branded website as well as publish, market, create a digital presence online and propel your status to the next level. We help amplify your ideas and get noticed

Become a Bestselling Author!


Every year, we give our clients an opportunity to co-author a new book alongside world-renowned public figures, leaders and authors. We take care of the publishing, branding and marketing to ensure the book hits all major best seller lists, including; The Wall Street Journal, USA Today & Amazon Bestsellers list, through our unique marketing and branding strategy during pre and post release of the book.

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Digital Presence Planning


What happens when a customer or prospect Googles your name, or the name of your business? Do you like the results? We will help you get up to 20 full feature articles about you and/or your business on reputable platforms (including the major ones) so you can reach more people and they can reach out to you! What would that translate into if you and your business could increase your presence and become a household name? Let us help you up your SEO game and become a strong presence online!

Most Exclusive Network


Ultimately, your network is your net worth. Who you know, have access to, and who you rub shoulders with matters. We provide our clients with networking opportunities to connect with other top business leaders, so you can brainstorm with them. It is through our closed door events that exclusive deals can be stuck.

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