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Writing your article

Our Pro and Unlimited Packages have your article written by our professional writing staff.

We research your topic and brand, then write a 200-400 word article draft. After you check it over and request any revisions, we publish the article to our network of news stations.

For an example of our writing, please see this example article.

If you want to write the article yourself, you can pick the Basic Package and upload your article. We'll then publish it to our network.

Publishing your article

Once your article is written, we'll publish your article to over 100 authority news sites with guaranteed approval to affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today.

Here are some of the news, TV, and radio sites you'll be published in:

After your article is live

Once your article is published, we'll send you proof of the article being live on 100+ news sites. You can now use the logos of the big companies you've been featured on proudly in your site or on the front cover of your new book.

Some notable companies we publish to:

  •    - NBC

  •    - CBS

  •    - FOX

  •    - USA Today

  •    - Google News

  •    - Digital Journal

  •    - MarketWatch

  •    - Daily Herald

  •    - Times Record

Guaranteed publishing
to major news

Your article will be published on over 100 authority news sites across our network, with guaranteed publishing to affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today.

Some of these websites get over 5 million visitors per month. This makes getting published on our network a great way to improve your brand visibility, gain hundreds of back links to your website (for SEO), and earn massive trust with your customers.

Our process step by step

You submit basic info about your business to us

We research and write an article about your brand (or you can provide your own)

We publish this article to NBC, FOX, CBS affiliates & 100+ more

We send you the list of 100+ real, live URLs to your published article

You can now proudly display "As Seen On NBC, FOX, CBS" and more on your website, book, social media, etc!

How this helps your brand

3 huge benefits from getting your business published.

Massive social proof

"As Seen On NBC, FOX, CBS, USA Today" is a must-have trust element proven to increase conversions and get you more sales.

Great for SEO

Each article will have links sending people back to your site. Backlinks are very important for ranking higher on Google, and you'll be getting 100+ trustworthy links instantly.

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An article will typically get over 100 visits within the first day, and 1000+ over time. That means free organic traffic (and more sales) to your website.

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