Our Story


AuthorRise Media started out as a team of passionate writers and marketers with a single goal: to help individuals and businesses get more exposure and sales by strengthening their reputation, amplifying their message and extending their global reach. We simply hate to see good individuals and businesses suffer, go out of business, or don’t get to realise their full potential due to a lack of good partnership, marketing, and storytelling opportunities.


"Those who stop marketing to save money are like those who stop a clock to save time."


— Henry Ford

​We know that the key to acquiring more leads and improving conversion rates for our clients lies in building trust—trust converts skeptical strangers to followers, and followers to loyal paying customers. Smaller companies and individuals can boost their reputations tenfold and stand out from the competition by being associated with bigger brands.


Success Formula: ​Interesting Story X Right Angle X Connection = Results

​Getting featured on major media platforms is no easy task—it’s basically impossible for small-time individuals and brands to have their stories seen and heard on those outlets. There aren’t any submission pages or open channels where you can ask to be featured; having connections with the right people is the only way to get published. Many have tried sending cold messages to news publications and media platforms, only for them to be ignored or turned down. Through our years of collective experience and connections, we were able to help hundreds of individuals and businesses get featured on major news publications by pitching to our media partners with an interesting story using the right angle. 


"Years ago, I met Brian Tracy, and he gave me a video endorsement and testimonials for my books. Eventually we worked together on a few projects, and even co-authored a book together. Those projects became assets that allowed me to be seen as an expert, charge more for my services, and earn 10X more!"


— Wilbert Wynnberg, Founder of AuthorRise Media

We also give our clients the opportunity to either self-publish their book or co-author with a renowned expert in their field. That way, they will be seen as experts. A book is an amazing asset that translates years or decades of the writer’s knowledge and experience into a written record that readers can absorb within days and apply in their life. Books also become relics that outlive their writers, carry on their legacy and continue impacting future generations even after their death. Every great and influential  individual has either had a book written by them, about them, or both, which is why we take pride in presenting this opportunity for our clients to leave their mark in the world.

After years of networking events, calls, emails and partnerships, we built the network that we have now—access to exclusive networks and major news sites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., USA Today, Yahoo! Finance, and many more. By writing and publishing books and articles for our clients through various campaigns and platforms, we’re finally able to share this network (and the social proof that comes with it) with you. A quick, easy, surefire way to get known, loved and respected (and boost sales and conversion) is finally here, and we look forward to helping you succeed.


Never let your brand go unheard, ever again!


— Team AuthorRise Media